Sunday, November 11, 2012

Peel off base coat episode III, return of the peel off!

If you missed episodes I and II, here they are:

Peel off base coat fun
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Alright! So a brief recap:

I made a peel off base coat using slightly diluted tacky glue and painted both hands. The left hand peeled off beautifully, while the right was a nightmare. I reflected on why this might have happened and came up with a list of possible explanations. I now believe I have the answer:

"4. I had polish on my left hand right up until I removed it to apply the peel off base coat, whereas my right hand nails were naked (gasp!) for several days before. I think this theory is the most promising, since the left hand nails were probably more dehydrated and therefore more prone to peeling due to over-adherence. Though I swiped my right hand nails with acetone (or alcohol? I forget) prior to application, they most likely were not as dried out as the left hand nails."

When I removed the polish from my hand that day, I had run out of my usual homemade moisturizing acetone mixture and used straight acetone. I believe this dried out my right hand nails considerably more than my left hand, which caused the glue to over-adhere.

I tried the Tacky base coat again for my No H8 hearts, and this time even though I had to soak off a thick glitter mani, I used my moisturizing polish remover, which contains glycerin and some oils. And instead of using acetone to degrease the nail plates before painting, I used a quick swipe of alcohol. I painted a medium-thickness coat evenly across all the nails and let it dry about 95-98%. I'll explain that in a minute.

The result was absolutely perfect. I just peeled them off today, which was day four of the manicure. No sticking or lifting of the nail plate. No mischief!

Now I think there's also something to leaving the glue slightly moist before painting, because it keeps it more flexible. The polish creates a moisture barrier, which keeps water from getting underneath the manicure and lifting the glue. But when it comes time to peel it off, I think it's better to have just a bit of the moisture left to keep the glue soft enough to peel off without any mischief. I believe letting the glue dry completely may have contributed to the mischief I experienced last time. 

Not letting the glue dry enough has problems of its own, though, because that's the only reason I can come up with for why my right hand pinky popped off twice when the rest of the nails stuck. I think as long as you don't let the glue dry longer than it takes to go transparent, you'll be fine.

So in conclusion, don't over-dry your nail plates before applying a peel off base coat, and don't over-dry the base coat itself! 

I highly recommend Tacky glue if you want to make your own peel off base coat. See post #1 for the details!


  1. Ah, good to hear that you were able to resolved the problems. I had some problems with my mani ripping off in pieces and my diy peel off base coat was completely dry too. I'll try your version next time. :)


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